We’ve come across many keyboard docks and casings for the iPad, but if you’re a bit sick of the whole sleek and portable concept, then you might be interested in taking a look at this USB Typerwriter Computer Keyboard which works with not only the PC and Mac, but as pictured above, will work with the iPad as well, although granted it will probably cause quite a scene if you were to bring it out to Starbucks.


The typewriter itself is fairly standard as far as typewriters go, those who have used typewriters in the past will know what I’m talking about. It will feature shift, space and return keys and function buttons along with ESC, CTRL and etc will be accessible through a special toggle key. As the name implies, it will connect to your PC or Mac via USB, but will require an adapter if you wanted to connect it to the iPad.

If you’ve missed the sound of typewriter keys clacking away noisily and you’d like to get your hands on it, expect to pay a pretty penny as the USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard will set you back a whopping $699. Alternatively if you’d rather not fork out $699 of your hard earned money, you will be able to pick up the conversion kit for $74, but that’s assuming you have an old typewriter lying about that you can convert. So, any takers?

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