US DOJ and FBI shutdown three Android app piracy domains

Apps, much like computer software, can be pirated and this is one of the reasons why some smartphone owners jailbreak their phones or turn to third-party app websites for their downloads, instead of accessing the official ones. Apart from the possibility of getting infected by malware through pirated apps and third-party websites, downloading pirated apps is also considered illegal (in case it wasn’t obvious already) and it seems that the US Department of Justice along with the FBI have shut down three domains that have been associated with the distribution and pirating of Android apps. These sites are, and, so if you go to either of them for your downloads, you’re out of luck. It should be noted that since these sites weren’t operating on US soil, both the French and Dutch authorities had to help with the enforcement of the law. More info on the shutdown of these domains can be found in the US Department of Justice’s press release.

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