Microsoft has blown Windows 8’s packaging cover out of the water, at least from what we gleaned over at The Verge’s site. The final copy of Windows 8 has already leaked onto the Internet, but those who have this age old virtue known as patience as well as a pinch of honesty would not mind waiting a little bit longer before they wrap their hands around an official boxed copy of Windows 8 when October 26th rolls around the corner. What you see above are boxes of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, where these two are considered to be the only boxed versions that will be made available in retail stores. Fairly simple as though it is a throwback to an era which has already past and yet dropping the now famous waving Windows logo, the darker background variant is reserved for the Windows 8 Pro edition.

Alternatively, if you want to cut down on the use of paper and packaging, there is always the option to rely on an electronic software download which will not require you to head out to the store and burn more fossil fuel along the way. Are you excited about Microsoft’s Windows 8, and will you be taking the plunge?

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