BlackBerry logoResearch In Motion (RIM) is not exactly doing that great at this point in time, shrinking market share and all that, but Murphy is certainly having a fun time with RIM as there is word that Blackberry users have been hit by a service outage this morning. Considering how it is less than a year after there was a Blackberry network outage, it can be rather infuriating for Blackberry users. The service outage lasted for several hours before it was restored, resulting in Blackberry users across Europe, the Middle East and Africa who were unable to send or receive emails during that particular time frame. Good thing RIM was apologetic about the whole event, where they mentioned, “We can confirm that services have been restored and are now operating normally.”

Unfortunately, RIM did not spell out just what was the cause behind the service outage, and I am quite sure that many people are curious as to what happened that resulted in the outage. One thing is for sure though, this is definitely not going to look nice on RIM’s portfolio, where reliability is one issue that has to be looked into.

As at press time, the Blackberry service in Europe has been restored, although no reasons were forthcoming from RIM still.

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