I guess you can say that patents are the new ammunition for companies and corporations, as evident by the way recent lawsuits filed by Apple and Samsung have gone. Well, early today, Cupertino was granted a patent for a carbon fiber molding process which could eventually see action to roll out a MacBook chassis down the road that is made out from carbon fiber, although I do wonder what kind of price tag such a MacBook would carry, considering how carbon fiber is used in race cars and other exotic rides in order to make them as sturdy and lightweight as possible.

The patent in question is known as Apple’s U.S Patent No. 8,257,075 for a “Carbon composite mold design”, where this patent describes the systems and methods required to churn out “aesthetically pleasing” parts from carbon fiber as well as other resin based composites. A carbon fiber iMac, iPhone and iPad are also not too far away with this patient under their possession, and perhaps other hardware companies might want to look into a different kind of external design to prevent paying Apple $1 billion or more in damages down the road.

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