The CyanogenMod team used Google+ as their announcement vehicle of choice to usher in a new feature that will merge CyanogenMod’s Jelly Bean code branch, resulting in Quick Message. Quick Message is a feature that was built by David van Tonder which is capable of showing off a pop-up notification whenever you are on the receiving end of a new SMS message, letting you reply right away from the pop-up itself, which saves a whole lot of time if you are a heavy messenger. Not only that, when you view the message in Android’s Messaging app, all you need to do is swipe to move on to another new message, or to close said notification.

New enhancements has been introduced to this feature with a new “Quick reply” option added to SMS messages’ actionable notifications. Redundancy is not something that will happen, as the “Quick reply” action will appear only when Quick Message pop-ups are disabled and also in the event that the incoming message is a single SMS or is part of a thread from a similar sender.

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