Google Nexus 7It seems that if you wanted to get your hands on Google’s Nexus 7 tablet in an official capacity in China, you might be in for a wait. According to reports (via Digitimes), it seems that China has yet to approve the tablet for import. Based on what their industry sources from Taiwan told them, the reason China has yet to approve the import of the tablet and why they might be giving Google such a hard is because, “The China government’s negative attitude is interpreted as a response to Google’s announcement of withdrawing from the China market in March 2010, the sources pointed out. It is difficult for the Nexus 7 to enter the China market, even though sale of Asustek’s marketing network there, the sources indicated.”

At the same time, the delay is boosting local manufacturers as they are able to churn out tablets just as cheap, if not cheaper, and offer them to China’s massive population. When asked to comment on the issue, Google declined. No word on when we might see the Nexus 7 tablet in China, but for those living in China you might have to result in alternative methods of importing the device, such as through Taobao.

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