You can never quite trust everything that you read on the Internet these days, unless there is a confirmation from the official source. Case in point, the leaked screenshot that you see above allegedly shows off the release date for GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5), which is a hotly anticipated gaming title from Rockstar Games. After all, we have already discovered GTA 5 vehicle names in Max Payne 3, not to mention a Rockstar employee’s CV hinting at an October 2012 release for GTA V as well. The screenshot above shows an alleged data page for Grand Theft Auto 5 that shares vital statistics such as the release window, the confirmation of a PC version, a possible co-op mode and perhaps online multiplayer capability of (hard to believe) up to 64 players. It is like Quake 2 all over again, just with more mayhem.

Since this is a leaked screenshot, it goes without saying that a certain amount of blur comes with the territory, and what you see does not disappoint. I suppose that in the case of hardcore GTA fans, they would echo the words of Fox Mulder, “I want to believe.” Do you?

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