Hulu Plus for the PS3 debuted a couple of years ago, and obviously the software did not remain stagnant over the past two years. In fact, innovation has been the order of the day, as Hulu’s engineers in their Seattle office worked hard to digest consumer feedback in order to deliver the latest update so that your living room entertainment experience will be an unparalleled one. The new and improved Hulu Plus experience is now available on the PS3, where you are now able to access your favorite shows faster than before, thanks to larger and more vivid artwork that makes the entire navigation experience an easier one.

A tray-style format enables you to scroll through recommendations that are based on your viewing history, and you are also able to peruse through popular shows and movies, the top 100 clips on Hulu Plus, and movie trailers amongst others. A “Shows You Watch” feature has also been thrown into the mix so that your favorite content will be highlighted for quicker access. More on the updated search experience after the jump.

When it comes to search, Hulu Plus for PS3 offers a simple method to look up content with results that appear directly beneath one’s search. Should you pick a show, you are able to access the slew of episodes and clips in a single place, and assuming you have watched the show before, you continue from the last point you stopped.

Playback is also simplified, accompanied by clean, intuitive controls that require you to just press up or down to display a playback menu, or left or right to fast-forward or rewind. Can’t wait to get started? Just head on to PlayStation’s “TV/Video Services” in the cross media bar, install the new Hulu Plus app in the “My Channels” section and you’re good to go, all for $7.99 each month, of course. A free one week trial can be experienced here.

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