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Hulu Plus Rebranding Drops The 'Plus'
Like many other online video streaming services that let people subscribe for a monthly fee to view content on-demand, Hulu Plus is moving along quite nicely. At last count it had more than nine million paying subscribers which in itself is a 50 percent growth in subscriber base from the previous year. Given its performance one wouldn’t think that Hulu Plus would go anywhere any time soon, well it is going […]

Hulu Plus Delivers Remote Control Experience
The folks over at Hulu are extremely passionate about delivering great experiences whenever one views TV, and this has driven them to roll out the very first release of the remote control experience for Hulu Plus. It signals a brand new function that would enable one to make use of a smartphone or tablet in order to control the Hulu Plus experience right there and then in a living room, […]

PS4 Will Launch With 11 Entertainment Apps Including Netflix, Hulu Plus
With each day that passes, we’re learning more and more about the upcoming next generation of consoles. The PlayStation 4 is just eight days away from being released, which means Sony still has a lot to announce prior to the console’s official launch. Today, Sony announced a total of 11 entertainment applications will be available to PlayStation 4 owners once the console launches.

Hulu Plus Now Available On The Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL And 2DS
Hulu Plus has been making itself available across as many platforms as rival video streaming service Netflix has as it has an application on video game consoles, smart TVs and set-top media streaming boxes. Hulu is adding yet another platform where it can spread its content to, and this time, it’s headed to one of the most popular handheld gaming platforms around, the Nintendo 3DS.


Hulu And Lionsgate Team Up To Produce A New Original Series
Over the last couple of years we’ve gradually seen the competition for original Web streaming content grow. Netflix and its creations are a prime example, it backed House of Cards which turned out to be a major hit, bagging 14 Emmy nominations. Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black is doing well too. Amazon is also creating original content, it recently released a handful of pilots and allowed users to vote […]

New Hulu Plus For iPad Brings An Enhanced Experience
The new Hulu Plus for iPad app has been released. It has been built from the ground up with focus on improving the overall user experience.

Improved Hulu Plus Experience Arrives
The Hulu Plus experience in your living room might just change the way you watch movies and TV shows forever.

Hulu Plus App For Windows Phone 8 Finally Released
Back in April we reported that it was possible for Hulu Plus app to be released for Windows Phone 8 soon. It was said that Hulu has been working on this app for some time now and that it is ready to be rolled out. Today the Hulu Plus app for Windows Phone 8 smartphones was finally released, making it the first app for this platform while its apps for […]

Hulu Plus Might Arrive On Windows Phone 8 Soon
So you own a Windows Phone 8 smartphone, and are having a ball of a time with it so far. Apart from using your device to enjoy music and videos on it, how about flirting with the idea of on-demand video service? This is where the likes of Hulu come in, where Hulu is said to have been working on a Windows Phone application for some time already. Rumor has […]

The Oscars Awards Show Available To Watch Online On Hulu, ABC
Last night was one of the biggest evenings in entertainment as The Oscars, which was hosted by Seth MacFarlane, took place to award Hollywood’s elite for their most memorable performances throughout the year. The show had its fair share of memorable moments, but we’re sure there are still a number of you who have yet to watch the show.If you forgot to set your DVRs and have no idea how […]

Hulu Revenue Expected To Increase 65% With Over 3M Subscribers In 2012
I’m not a big fan of Hulu as I find it completely wrong for subscribers of its Hulu Plus service to have to sit through commercials when customers are paying $8 a month, although I still use it on a somewhat regular basis as my brother officially cut his cable last year and has deemed the service worthy of his cash. It looks as though I’m in the minority, and […]

Hulu Plus For Android Update Brings Kids Section, Improved Video Playback
Hulu Plus for Android has received a new update that adds an ad-free “Hulu Kids” section that brings all of the children-friendly content across its service to the forefront and ready for you, I mean, your kids to enjoy. The update was made available on iOS devices last month, but have now been brought to the Android application.The update brings parental controls to Hulu’s Android application to help block programming […]

Hulu Plus Launches On Nintendo Wii U
The Hulu Plus living room experience has now made its way to yet another device – the recently introduced Nintendo Wii U. This team up will offer TV series fans as well as movie lovers a totally brand new way to watch your favorite current season TV shows, all in the comfort of your own home – all the while taking advantage of a fully integrated second screen experience. The […]

Hulu's Going to Get CBS Television Shows
Hulu, the major force in internet television for the United States market, today announced that they were bringing CBS content to the platform. Starting in 2013, Hulu Plus subscribers (who pay $8 per month) will be able to stream CBS content through Hulu. This means shows like Numb3rs and CSI, as well as a impressive back catalog of content that includes the original Star Trek and The Twilight Zone. Previously, Hulu had featured content from Fox, NBC, and […]