iPad mini images arrive, are they legit or not?Tomorrow, September 12th would mark a very important day in the life of Apple as the world could very well be introduced to the iPhone 5 for the first time (or perhaps it might be known as the new iPhone, who knows?). Well, there are also whispers that there is the possibility of a new and smaller iPad in the works by Cupertino as well, and the general public has christened it the iPad mini, although there is still no official confirmation from Apple as to the naming convention, or even if the device exists, for that matter.

French site NowehereElse does seem to have their fair share of moles, and they managed to snag a photo of what could very well be the alleged iPad mini. So far, everything does seem to look as though it is in line with the rumors of the iPad mini to date. What do you think of the iPad mini, will it be able to be a hit and obliterate all the other tablets in the 7″ form factor market?

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