It seems that there is no end in sight to the woes of Apple’s iPhone 5. But then, it may also seem so because Apple is known for shipping out the highest-quality products. We have earlier witnessed the Scuffgate as well as the light leaks in iPhone 5, apart from the reports of intermittent WiFi connectivity on Apple support forums.

And now, yet another issues is being reported by iPhone 5 users. According to the forums at Anandtech, a number of users have reported to have seen purple halo in photos taken with iPhone 5’s camera. The halo is seen when you take photos with the camera directed towards a bright source, such as some direct light source or the Sun.

While the reason for this is unknown, the users claim that they have been told by Apple support that the issue is widespread and that they are looking into it. One theory that has been forwarded to explain the phenomenon pins the blame on the sapphire crystal lens cover which has been used in iPhone 5’s camera.

The cover is meant to protect the camera lens from scratches. However, a purple sapphire lens may refract the light so as to leave a purple halo on a photo taken in front of a light source. Of course that’s just a theory for now and we are waiting for Apple to give the official word on it.

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