Last week we reported that the back of Apple’s new iPhone 5 was susceptible to scratches, ultimately marring its beautiful design. Granted those scratches might have come from handling the phone too roughly, it seems that scratches might be the new thing iPhone 5 hopefuls will have to worry about when they purchase their phone. According to several reports, there have been some iPhone 5 owners who have opened their box only to discover that their phones have come with various scuffs and scrapes.

This was confirmed by Jeff Blagdon at The Verge who revealed that his iPhone came slightly scuffed. It is unclear as to how widespread this issue is, but a poll conducted by MacRumors has revealed that about a third of the people polled have reported some kind of damage with their brand new phone. This is apparently due to the anodized aluminum used for the iPhone 5 which not only is lighter, but is softer than the stainless steel used on the iPhone 4S, thus making it more prone to scratches and whatnot. If you’ve picked up an iPhone 5 and have discovered scratches on your phone, let us know in the comments below.

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