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iPhone 5 teardown by iFixit

I am not quite sure just when did teardowns become popular, but for sure many people are curious to see teardown maestros iFixit take the recently introduced iPhone 5 and remove most of its bolts, nuts and screws to see what exactly is underneath the hood. Earlier this morning, we did see a teardown attempt by a German site, but that did not seem to be too comprehensive compared to what the folks at iFixit have in store.

Thanks to a “black and slate” copy of the iPhone 5 in Australia, they proceeded to disassemble the device by removing the tiny proprietary pentalobe screws which ensure the larger (compared to its predecessor anyway) 4-inch display remains stuck to the aluminum “uni-body” back case. Usual tools such as a suction cup comes in handy to lift the screen assembly easily away from the rear housing. It is claimed that the iPhone 5’s screen is easier to remove compared to its two previous predecessors.

What do you think of the iPhone 5’s innards, or are you not too bothered with what goes on underneath the hood as long as it works?

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