A lot of companies are focusing on going green these days, some of this is accomplished by using materials which aren’t harmful to the environment, or by packaging their products in boxes that are made from sustainable materials. Now it looks like HTC is interested in doing their part for the environment and together with UK carrier O2, it looks like if you were to buy a HTC phone from O2 in the future, you can expect it to not come with a wall plug that you can use to charge your phone with.

In a statement released by O2 UK’s CEO Ronan Dunne, “The environmental cost of multiple and redundant chargers is enormous and I believe that, as the mobile phone has become more prevalent, we as retailers and manufacturers have an ever-greater responsibility to be a more sustainable industry.” So what will you get with your phone then? Well you will get a micro USB to USB cable in the box, and given that pretty much all Android phones charge with the micro USB standard, the bundled cable should allow you to plug your phone into an existing wall charger or to your computer.

No word on which HTC phone will be the “sacrificial lamb” in O2’s experiment, but the carrier is hoping that they will be able to sell more phones without chargers in the future. What do you guys think? Good move or do you think it will backfire?

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