I would assume that super villains would be lining up for the Shut up! Speech jammer assuming it has been mass produced (cost is not an issue, since most of these baddies tend to have a vast savings account, or they could always rob a bank) in order to stop the likes of Deadpool and Spiderman, two characters from the Marvel Comics universe who have the gift of the gab and tend to irritate the heck out of their opponents during battle through some verbose repartee. Well, how does the Shut up! Speech jammer work? For starters, the Shut up! Speech jammer will disrupt a person’s speech by repeating his or her own voice after a delay of a few hundred milliseconds. This Japan-made device picked up the Ig Nobel gong for the year, which is an award that is sponsored by the Annals of Improbable Research magazine for weird and humorous scientific discoveries.

The echo effect is said to be extremely annoying, so much so that it should be able to get the job done to stop someone from talking and giving others a chance to share their thoughts verbally. Of course, I do wonder what happens when you use the Shut up! Speech jammer on a narcissistic person who cannot get enough of him or herself, even their own voice.

“This technology … could also be useful to ensure speakers in a meeting take turns appropriately, when a particular participant continues to speak, depriving others of the opportunity to make their fair contribution,” said co-inventor Kurihara/

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