mobile-homeWhile most of us out there are sweating it out in order to make enough dough so that we can live a comfortable lifestyle – and a flashy one where possible, along comes Canadian couple Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives who actually took the road less traveled – by quitting their jobs, selling off their house, and decided to see a larger extent of Canada and the US via a journey that spans a couple of years. How will they save when it comes to accommodation? The answer is pretty simple – all that they need to do is to live in a converted van.

Making a fair share of modifications to this van of theirs, they happen to be able to get around without breaking the bank. In fact, the budget that they are on happen to be equated to that of the “price of a cheap apartment downtown” – which is approximately $1,300, we reckon. The amount of money saved from living in this modified van allowed them to travel around for a year.

It is interesting to note that the couples’ clothes and dirty laundry are more than capable of fitting directly into a single container that ain’t too large in the first place. Surely, this is one way of showing the world just how little one needs to survive.

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