transformer-robotI am quite sure that many of us are stoked by the very idea of a cybernetic lifeform, especially one that is capable of transforming into the latest model Ferrari and zip down the highway, turning back to its humanoid form as and when required. While that remains a fantasy at this point in time, and will rightly be in the science fiction category for a long, long time to come, humankind might have made a small step towards the impossible thanks to the likes of Brave Robotics, Asratec Corp. and Tomy Co. Ltd. working together. As a result of their collaboration, they have come up with J-deite.

J-deite happens to be a one-quarter-scale autobot which begins “life” as a humanoid, bipedal robot, and it will boast of the ability to transform into a small sports car that measures close to 3 feet in length. Unfortunately, it is not going to be able to pull you out of difficult situations such as how Bumblebee did in the Transformers movies – and for good reason, too, since it is way too small for an adult to sit inside and drive it.

Officially known as J-deite Quarter, the final planned size is said to be four times its current size. Measuring close to 5 feet tall, this humanoid robot would tip the scales at 77 lbs, and it will come covered in blue car body panels while the face does sport a rather grim look. How much do you think the final version would cost, should it be realized?

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