Couple Lives In Eco-Friendly Converted Van

While most of us out there are sweating it out in order to make enough dough so that we can live a comfortable lifestyle – and a flashy one where possible, along comes Canadian couple Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives who actually took the road less traveled – by quitting their jobs, selling off their house, and decided to see a larger extent of Canada and the US via […]

Detect Air Pollution Levels With This Helmet

Living with pollution – that seems to be what most of us are doing these days, especially for those of us who happen to reside in cities that are clogged up with cars and a blanket of haze that does not seem to lift – ever. Well, it seems that is the price to pay for “progress”. Here is a rather strange device that looks as though it would be […]

‘Gecko Gloves’ Help You Be Spiderman

Have you ever wished that you had the agility as well as the extraordinary abilities of a superhero, such as Spiderman? Peter Parker’s masked alter ego is blessed with the unique “spider sense” that warns him of incoming danger, allowing his reflexes to save his skin just about every single time, all the while being able to stick onto nearly any surface as the wall crawler goes about his duties […]

J-deite Robot Actually Transforms From One Form Factor To Another

I am quite sure that many of us are stoked by the very idea of a cybernetic lifeform, especially one that is capable of transforming into the latest model Ferrari and zip down the highway, turning back to its humanoid form as and when required. While that remains a fantasy at this point in time, and will rightly be in the science fiction category for a long, long time to […]


Energy Addicts Project Offers A New Way To Power Devices

We live in a world where each of us do happen to own a fair number of portable electronic devices, and there is always the habit that we have formed over the years to ensure that our devices remain fully charged the night before so that we will be able to better meet the challenges that come our way the next day. Imagine having to talk on your smartphone, discussing […]

NOSE Allows You To “Breathe” Out Morse Code Messages

Talk to the hand, cause the face – it ain’t listenin’. Now that is a pretty bad ass way of trying to look and sound cool in one’s juvenile years, although a slight variation of the above would see the replacement of the word ‘hand’ with ‘nose’. Why so, you ask? Well, NOSE is an invention by a 16-year old which is able to translate outgoing breathes into Morse code […]

Magnetic Shoes Allows One To Walk On The Ceiling

Now here is definitely something worth checking out – a pair of shoes that will allow someone to walk on the ceiling itself, upside down. Yes, you read that right – 34-year old Colin Furze from Lincolnshire has managed to use the better part of one week in order to create this unique pair of shoes that include microwave, before being hooked up to a car battery to power it […]

Light Switch Operated By Dog To Assist The Disabled

The disabled who happen to own a guide dog of their own will definitely be able to let you know of just how much easier their lives are with the presence of these beautiful four legged creatures. While smart homes with smart bulbs do come in handy from time to time, those can be rather expensive, so why not settle for something that requires teamwork – such as a dog-operated […]

Handheld Electric Jet Engine Propels Man Across Lake

Doug Foden created history on the Chasewater lake in Staffordshire, UK, as he tested out a brand new handheld electric jet engine device which allows him to travel at a maximum speed of up to 50mph, effectively functioning as an alternative to wind. This unique handheld electric jet engine was developed over the course of two years by 40-year old Adam Contoret of Stoke-on-Trent.

Billboard Helps Clean The Air

When it comes to city life, smog and air pollution can be quite the thorny issue in the lives of dwellers there. However, surely something can be done to make our environment a whole lot easier to breathe? The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru (UTEC) might have a solution when building a new campus in downtown Lima, as they figured out a method to work on an air-cleaning […]

SociBot Mini Predicts Emotions, “Wears” Human Faces

It goes without saying that the modern day computer interface has come a long way from the humble days of the typewriter, and a possible area to explore in the future could be social hardware – the software’s already in place with the likes of Twitter and Facebook. This potential niche could be filled by the SociBot Mini, where it was specially designed to stand at 60cm in height, with […]

Woosh Water Station Takes A Second Look At Drinking Fountain

When you live in the desert, you would know that water is one precious resource that should not be wasted at all. Needless to say, water conservation is something that is taken seriously in the Middle East, and a startup in Israel known as Woosh Water intends to help conserve water while reducing the amount of plastic consumption. How are they going to do this? Well, through the reinvention of […]

Dolphins Inspire Invention Of Rescue Radar

Nature has more often than not been the inspiration when it comes to delivering solutions to problems. Take flight for instance – the way a bird’s wings is shaped has led us to develop the gift of flight, and this time around, British engineers have managed to gain inspiration from dolphins when it comes to a brand new kind of radar device which is said to be able to track […]

Upside Down Car Unveiled

No, what you see above is not a photo that has had its orientation changed, and neither is it part of the science fiction world of “Upside Down” as depicted in the movies sometime last year, but rather, it is simply that – an upside down car that will run just the way it is. I guess you can call this to be a frightening fusion of a wretched 1990 […]