If you don’t know someone on Facebook, it is probably not a good idea to add them up. It is worst still if you add up unknown people and keep a lot of personal data on your profile. In many cases, it can lead to very adverse consequences.

It has now been found out that Taliban are making use of Facebook to connect up with military personnel deployed in Afghanistan. They do so by creating fake profiles and putting up display pics of hot girls. Specifically, these fake profiles had been targeting Australian soldiers, trying to add them up and gather their personal information.

This much has been revealed by the Australian government. According to the government, most of the soldiers simply do not know the perils of adding up unknown people on Facebook. Features such as geotagging on Facebook can pinpoint the location of a person and can, in turn, inform someone snooping on his personal information while being a contact.

According to the review released by the government, “Few consider the possibilities of data mining and how patterns of behavior can be identified over time” referring to how the soldiers are unequipped to understand and counter privacy issues on the social media.

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