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WhatsApp Has Delayed Its Privacy Policy Change
Earlier this month, it was reported that WhatsApp would be implementing a new privacy policy that would essentially allow them to share data with Facebook. This has led to a lot of confusion as many were unaware of what exactly WhatsApp would be sharing, and many assumed the worst, which led to WhatsApp publishing an FAQ.

Apple Removes macOS Filter That Allows Its Own Apps To Bypass Your Firewall
Firewalls are designed to help protect our computers from online threats (to a certain degree), but for some reason, Apple included a filter in macOS to allow its own apps to bypass firewall filters that you’ve set in place. We can only assume that this was done to allow Apple’s apps to run and function as intended, but it’s not so good for security or privacy reasons.

Ring Launches Video End-To-End Encryption For Its Doorbells And Cameras
Ring is a maker of smart home devices like security cameras and doorbells that can stream video. There is some concern that maybe these video feeds could be hacked and allow a hacker to see through your camera, but the good news for those of you who own a Ring device is that the company has introduced an update that introduces end-to-end video encryption.

Telegram Sees 25 Million New Users In The Last 72 Hours
With WhatsApp announcing that they will soon start sharing data with Facebook, this has led to a bit of a panic where people are worried about what kind of data will be shared, and what it means for privacy. So much so that they have started to flock to other more privacy-based apps like Signal and Telegram.


Apple Will Be Making A ‘Big Announcement’ Tomorrow
It is largely expected that Apple will be hosting an event in the coming months where they are expected to unveil new products like a new iPad, maybe the AirTags, and possibly more, but it seems that the company has a “big announcement” that they are planning on making tomorrow.

WhatsApp Publishes FAQ On Its Data Sharing With Facebook
As many of you might have heard by now, WhatsApp is expected to begin sharing data with Facebook starting next month. Prior to this, WhatsApp had given users the option to opt out, but now it seems like it’s either you agree to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, or you find yourself another app to use.

Signal Messaging App Sees Boost In Signups Following Changes To WhatsApp’s Policy
As many of you might have heard by now, WhatsApp has made some changes to its privacy policy where it basically says that your data will be shared with Facebook. The company did previously allow users to opt out of the data-sharing a while ago, but now it looks like it’s either you share your data or you stop using the app.

Intel’s RealSense Finds A New Lease On Life As A Facial Recognition System
Intel debuted its RealSense depth-sensing technology several years ago where it made its way onto devices like laptops. Thanks to the use of an infrared camera and infrared laser projectors, RealSense is capable of depth-sensing to determine the distance between objects and helping to separate the foreground from the background.

WhatsApp Will Soon Begin Sharing Data With Facebook
Given the number of users on WhatsApp, it is no doubt a treasure trove of information for companies like Facebook that thrive on user information to help sell personalized ads. For those worried about WhatsApp sharing data with Facebook, it looks like your nightmare is about to come true.

Google Has Not Updated Its iOS Apps In A While
Google typically keeps its apps updated rather frequently, whether it be introducing new features, bug fixes, improvements, and more. However, for some reason, it appears that the company has not updated its iOS apps in a month, and it has been speculated that the reason could be due to Apple’s new requirements.

Singapore’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing App Will Be Used To Help Criminal Investigations
Many governments around the world have introduced contact tracing apps to help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because by being able to identify who has been in contact with who can help curb the spread of the virus. This is important in the fight against the pandemic, but it also raises some privacy concerns.

Activists Turn The Table On Police By Using Facial Recognition To Identify Them
When there are protests, police are usually involved to try and maintain the peace. In some instances, protestors and the police get along and no one is really causing any trouble, but in other instances, things can get messy where the police do things that they shouldn’t be doing. Holding the police accountable to their actions would obviously be ideal.

Even Facebook’s Employees Don’t Believe The Company’s Attack On Apple Is Justified
Facebook had recently taken out on ad on Apple in which they criticized an upcoming feature in iOS that would give users the option of preventing apps from tracking them across other apps and websites. The company claims that this could affect small businesses who might rely on targeted ads to bring attention to their business and products.

Apple’s Privacy-Tracking Prompt Is Showing Up Early For Some Users
One of the changes Apple is expected to bring to iOS devices in 2021 is improved privacy controls, where Apple will now give users the option of preventing apps from tracking users across multiple apps and websites at the same time. However, it seems that for some users, the feature has launched slightly earlier than intended.

Facebook Messenger, Instagram Functionality Limited In Europe
If you live in Europe and you use Facebook messaging and social media platforms like Messenger or Instagram, you might have noticed that you are seeing a message about how those apps are now having some limited functionality. If you do, you’re not alone because it seems that this is applied to all users in Europe.

Apple Responds To Facebook’s Ad, Says They’re Standing Up For Their Users
As some of you might have heard, come 2021 Apple is expected to introduce some new privacy features that will prevent iOS users from being tracked across the web. This is a good thing, but it’s also a bad thing for advertisers who use these types of personal identifiable information to create targeted ads.

Facebook Takes Out Ad On Apple Criticizing Their Privacy Changes
One of the things that Apple loves to boast about would be their stance on privacy, where they claim to respect the privacy of their customers and would never sell their data. The company has also introduced changes to its products and software where they make it harder for advertisers to track users.

This Is How Much Information Facebook Is Collecting On You
It is no secret that Facebook collects a lot of information about us, but exactly how much information are they collecting? Apple has recently introduced a new requirement for apps on its App Store, where they now have to include privacy labels to show what kind of permissions and data an app collects from users.

Ecosia Is Now One Of The Default Search Engines For iOS
Whenever you search for something on iOS or macOS using Safari, by default it uses Google. It makes sense given that Google is the world’s largest search engine, although we had heard that Google had also apparently paid Apple billions of dollars to remain its default search engine across its products.

Mozilla Praises iOS 14’s Privacy Features
Over the years, Apple has made changes to its operating system to help improve on the privacy of its system to better protect its users, or at least that’s what the company claims. Sure, it sounds like a lot of marketing, but it seems that Apple’s efforts are now being validated by outsiders, such as Mozilla.