Apple Is Giving Its iPhone Users A ‘Trust Score’

Given that there are millions of iPhone users out there, how does one differentiate the “good” from the “bad”? In a bid to help prevent fraudulent purchases from the iTunes Store or fraudulent activity in general, it seems that Apple has decided to roll out a “trust score” rating for iOS users.

Apple Takes Down Some Of Trend Micro’s Apps For Mac

When you install a security app on your computer, chances are you are trusting that it will keep your information safe from malware, hacks, and busybodies. So you can imagine the irony when it was discovered that some of Trend Micro’s apps were actually doing the opposite, where it was found that some of the company’s apps were actually storing and exporting the browser history of its users.

Vizio’s Smart TVs Will Let Users Know If They Have Been Spied On

Smart TVs in concept are great when you think about all the features that they offer that goes beyond what regular TVs offer. Unfortunately there are some drawbacks to this, which Vizio users are well-aware of because if you don’t recall, the company got in a trouble a while back when they were discovered “spying” on its users.

Report Claims Top iOS Apps Are Monetizing Location Data

Apple’s App Store charts are a great way to see what everyone is using at the moment and what some of the most popular apps are around. Now unfortunately for some of these apps, it appears that not all of them are on the straight and narrow because in a report shared with 9to5Mac, it appears that some of these top iOS apps are actually monetizing your location data.


How To Delete YouTube Watch and Search History

YouTube has become the premier entertainment destination for tens of millions of people around the globe. When one consumes hours of video playback on the platform daily, at some point he/she might wish to clear the watch and search history, for whatever reason. We will be guiding you through the simple process of deleting your YouTube watch and search history, on PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

Survey Finds More People Are Taking Breaks From Facebook

Following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, a movement was launched to #DeleteFacebook. However despite the damning implications of the privacy scandal, data seemed to show that it did not exactly impact Facebook’s usage stats that much. This does not mean that users think what happened in okay, but it simply could be how much Facebook is ingrained in our lives today that we have no choice but to keep using […]

Google & Mastercard Are Linking Online Ads With Offline Purchases

There is a conspiracy theory in which some believe that your smartphone is listening to you, in which some have discovered some crazy coincidences about how something they were just talking about appeared as an ad on their phone. Now in an interesting reversal, it seems that the ads we see online are being tracked to see whether we end up making a purchase offline.

Firefox Will Block Ad Trackers By Default In Future Builds

Back in the day when it came to blocking trackers and intrusive ads on browsers, these were pretty much left to users to figure out for themselves. This meant that those who weren’t so tech-inclined would have missed out on these features. However in more recent times, companies have started including these features by default, making it easier to protect yourself right out of the box.

Facial Recognition Tech At US Airport Catches Its First Imposter

Various governments around the world have employed the use of facial recognition technology which they claim is for security purposes. For example over in China, they have demonstrated its usefulness when the technology allowed them to identify and capture a suspect who was attending a concert.

Facebook Will Notify 4M Users Whose Data Was Misused By Personality Quiz App

Remember all those fun personality quizzes that ran rampant during the earlier days of Facebook? They were fun to take and also great for discussion and comparisons with friends, but unfortunately some of them were less innocent than you think. Facebook’s privacy scandal with Cambridge Analytica proved just that, and now it looks like there might be another issue.

Facebook’s Onavo VPN App Has Been Removed From Apple’s App Store

It is no secret that Apple isn’t too impressed with Facebook following the social network’s Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal. More recently it seems that Apple has been toughening their stance on privacy, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Facebook’s Onavo VPN app has since been taken down from Apple’s iOS App Store.

Google Hit With Lawsuit Over Location Tracking

Location tracking has been a controversial feature of smartphones ever since it was introduced. While mainly used to determine the user’s location for navigational purposes, it is understandable that there are some who might feel uncomfortable with companies knowing their location all the time.

Skype’s Encrypted Private Conversations Feature Is Now Available

At the start of the year, Microsoft announced that they will be rolling out a new feature for Skype in the form of end-to-end encryption with the Private Conversations feature. If this sounded like a feature you were looking forward to, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the feature is now live and available across multiple platforms.

Apple Reassures That No Personal Data Was Compromised During Hack

It was recently revealed that a while ago, Apple’s corporate network had been hacked by a teen based in Melbourne, Australia. The reports claim that the teen had managed to download almost 90GB worth of secure files and also access customer accounts, which we’re sure many are now worried about that information potentially being exposed.