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Lawsuit Alleges Instagram Is Spying On You Through Your Camera
Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a rather unnerving and uncanny way of surfacing ads on products that you talk about with to your friends, to the point where some have floated conspiracy theories that these companies are actually spying on users through their cameras and microphones.

iOS 14’s Privacy Features Are Breaking Some Enterprise And School Setups
When Apple announced iOS 14, they announced a bunch of privacy changes to the platform that would better protect users against things like tracking. One of those changes included how iOS devices would use a random MAC address when connecting to WiFi networks, with the idea being that it would prevent retailers from using MAC addresses to track customers.

Epic Gamers Can Still ‘Sign In With Apple’...For Now
Yesterday it appeared that Apple was planning to terminate the ability for Epic gamers to “Sign in with Apple”. This would have come into effect on the 11th of September, but it looks like Apple might have had a change of heart because the company has since delayed the termination of the feature.

Portland Slams The Brakes On Public Use Of Facial Recognition
The technology behind facial recognition is amazing. It’s something that we used to see in TV shows and movies, and now it has become a reality. Unfortunately, it’s not perfect and various instances have shown that maybe it isn’t quite as reliable as we would like. So much so that over in Portland, Oregon, officials have passed a law that bans the use of the technology in public spaces.


‘Sign In With Apple’ No Longer Available For Epic Games Account
It seems that the legal battle between Apple and Epic just got a little more petty because according to a tweet by Epic, it seems that Apple has removed the ability for users to “Sign In With Apple” to their Epic Games accounts. This means that after the 11th of September, gamers will need to update their account email address and password to ensure that they won’t lose access to […]

iOS 14’s Privacy Features Could Halve Facebook’s Advertiser Revenue
Apple has long touted its stance on privacy and have introduced various privacy protection features in both iOS and macOS much to the annoyance of advertisers. It seems that the company doesn’t really seem too bothered by the outcry because iOS 14 is expected to introduce more of the same.

How To Quickly Delete Your Old Facebook Posts In Bulk
Need to clean up some of your old Facebook posts? If you’ve made a ton of postings over the years, this can be a tedious process, but the good news is that Facebook is now allowing users to delete their old posts in bulk.

This Facial Recognition System Can Detect Your Mood
There are many facial expressions we make that expresses our emotions. For example, we generally smile when we’re happy, we frown when we’re upset, we furrow our brows when we’re confused or when we’re angry. However, sometimes we make micro expressions that might not be particularly obvious, but still expresses our emotions anyway.

This Smartphone Comes With Some Pretty Killer Privacy Features
Our smartphones all come with privacy controls, but given that they are software-based, how sure are you that when you flip the switch that it really does what it says it does? For those of you who are a little paranoid about this kind of stuff, then you might be interested in checking out the PinePhone created by Pine64.

New York City Will Reassess The Use Of Facial Recognition
The idea of using facial recognition to track down criminals and wanted suspects makes a lot of sense. However, many are uncomfortable with the idea that they are being tracked and recognized even if they might not necessarily be doing anything wrong, which is why New York City is looking to reassess their use of the technology.

Instagram Kept Your Deleted Photos And Messages Longer Than You’d Like
When you delete something, it’s almost always not necessarily a guarantee that it is deleted for good. This is the same for hard drives and also online services, where companies can take a while to actually fully delete your deleted photos or messages from their services, but how long is too long?

TikTok Found To Have Collected Data On Android Users
The argument that the US government is using in their bid to ban TikTok is that they claim that the app collects data on US citizens, which they believe poses a risk to national security. It seems that whatever excuses TikTok is making to defend itself might be moot, especially with a recent discovery.

New Jersey Supreme Court Rules That Suspects Can Be Compelled To Unlock Their Smartphones
It has been largely assumed that our smartphones are protected by the Fifth Amendment. This is why law enforcement agencies are frustrated with companies like Apple who have mostly  refused to help them unlock the phones belonging to suspects. However, that could soon change as the New Jersey Supreme Court has potentially set a new precedent.

Chrome Extension Will Show You How Ads Are Tracking You
Ads are part of the internet, but unlike more traditional advertisements you see in the physical world, internet ads are smarter because they can track you and your browsing habits, meaning that these companies know what you like, what you don’t like, what you’re searching for, and can then cater ads that target you specifically.