Android Users In Europe Will Soon Be Asked Which Browser They Want To Use

Some of you might recall that many years ago, Microsoft ran into some antitrust issues where they were accused of forcing Internet Explorer onto its Windows users. Clearly that has set a precedent because over in Europe, Google has run into similar problems where back in 2018, the company was hit with a $5 billion fine by the EU.

Confidential Mode For Gmail G Suite Users Coming Soon

Last year Google announced that together with its Material Design for Gmail, they would also be introducing a Confidential Mode to its email platform. Basically with emails sent using Confidential Mode, it prevents the email from being copied, downloaded, printed, or forwarded, thus ensuring that the conversation stays between users.

Facebook Messenger Bug Allowed Others To See Who You Are Chatting With

For the most part most of us would like it if our conversations with others are private. This is why messaging apps these days are starting to introduce end-to-end encryption that prevents messages from being intercepted and read by someone else. Unfortunately for Facebook Messenger, there was a bug that could have allowed someone to see who you are chatting with.

Facebook’s CEO Promises A More Privacy-Focused Future

The past year or so hasn’t been particularly good for Facebook’s reputation where we’ve seen the company drop from being the place for all the cool kids to hang out, to being the social networking platform that users are trying to delete. This is due to the various privacy scandals that have been dogging the company even until today.


Google Refutes Report That They Are Still Working On A Censored Search Engine

Last year it was reported that Google was working on a special/customized version of its search engine designed specifically for the Chinese market. It would be a search engine that would censor certain topics in line with the Chinese government’s regulations. Given how big China’s market is, it wasn’t really a surprise to see Google want to make their way back in.

Facebook’s 2FA Phone Numbers Found To Searchable

One of the security features of Facebook was that users could attach their phone numbers to their accounts for 2FA, making it a bit more secure compared to just using a username and password system. Unfortunately it seems that if you do use Facebook’s 2FA system, your profile can be easily found using your phone number.

Popular Music App TikTok Hit With $5.7 Million Fine Over Privacy Violations

TikTok is one of the more popular social media apps in the market right now. For those unfamiliar, basically it’s a music app where users film themselves lip-syncing, dancing, or acting out to various songs or sound bytes. It has gained massive popularity where the company behind TikTok actually bought out its competitor,

Facebook Will Launch Its ‘Clear History’ Tool Later This Year

Back in the day, everyone thought it was “cool” to have a Facebook account, but fast forward to today and following all the privacy scandals the company has found itself embroiled in, it’s not surprising that some are considering deleting their Facebook accounts to stop the company from learning and sharing details about them with others.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Laptops Updated With An Emphasis Placed On Privacy

The problem with working outside is that you never know who could be looking over your shoulder. Even if you don’t have anything to hide and aren’t doing anything illegal, we’re sure that we all can appreciate a little privacy nonetheless. Safe for sitting in the corner with your back against the wall, Lenovo might have something for you.

Facebook’s Onavo VPN App Will Be Shut Down For Good

Last year it was discovered that Facebook had been promoting its “free” Onavo VPN app. While VPNs are generally viewed as a good thing and a good way to protect your privacy, it was discovered that the Onavo app was actually did the opposite by tracking the user’s activities across the web.

Study Finds 85% Of Chrome Extensions Do Not Have A Privacy Policy

Google’s Chrome extensions are pretty useful where they can block ads, manage passwords, save articles for offline viewing, shortcuts, and more. However it seems that an unfortunate number of Chrome extensions actually lack a privacy policy, according to a study by Duo Lab (via Engadget).

Some iOS Apps Found To Be Sending A Lot Of Data To Facebook

When you use an app, there are certain expectations that you might have when it comes to privacy. Unfortunately according to a report from The Wall Street Journal (via MacRumors), it seems that there are a disturbing number of apps out there on Apple’s App Store that are sending data on its users back to Facebook.

Facebook Accused Of Revealing Sensitive Health Data In Groups

Back in the day, being on Facebook was considered to be the “in” thing, but these days it’s starting to feel like not being on Facebook might be a better idea. The company has suffered from a scarily amount of privacy scandals, where it has been reported that they could be facing a multibillion-dollar fine from the FTC.

Criminals In The UK Will Soon Be Tracked Using GPS Tags

When a criminal is released from jail, how do the authorities keep track of them? Apart from a home address and maybe with some criminals being outfitted with an ankle tag, it would be quite hard to keep track of where these people go once they are out of jail. However, in the UK, the government has proposed an idea of outfitting these criminals with GPS tags.