How To Block Images From Loading In Gmail

Did you know that some emails might contain hidden images that are used to track you? If you want to stop that tracking, then here’s how to block images from loading in Gmail.

Spotify Premium Family Users Will Have To Provide Their Location ‘From Time To Time’

Streaming services like Spotify offer up family plans which allows multiple users to enjoy a subscription at the same time at a cheaper rate. This is ideal for families where instead of paying for four separate subscriptions, you can just pay for one at a slightly more affordable price.

Your Private Instagram Posts And Stories Might Not Be So Private

The reason some people set their Instagram accounts to private is because they don’t want any random stranger to view their posts. The only way you can view a private account is if the owner grants you access to it, or at least that’s how it was supposed to be. According to a recent discovery by BuzzFeed News, it turns out your private Instagram posts might not be so private […]

How To Stop iPhone Apps From Tracking Your Location

If you value your privacy, then you should probably check out our guide that will give you more control over how an app tracks your location, and how to disable it if you don’t want it to track you anymore.


Google Reportedly Tracking Users With Hidden Web Pages

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, which is why despite Google’s products and services being largely free-to-use, in exchange, you are kind of turning over some of your personal data to the company. This data can then be used for marketing purposes, which is why seeing targeted ads is no longer particularly surprising.

Massive Database Of Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers Found Online

During the early days of social media, many of us probably never really thought too much about handing over personal information to these platforms, assuming that they would never be used against us, or what kind of implications there might be for giving away this kind of details on the internet.

Gmail On iOS Will Now Automatically Block Images From Loading

We’re sure that many of us have received emails that contain images in them. These types of emails are usually from companies who are advertising their products or services. However, did you know that sometimes emails that don’t look like they have images might actually contain “invisible” images that can be used to track you?

Firefox 69 Will Now Block Third-Party Cookies By Default

Cookies are useful when you browse the web as it helps to remember some of your activities and whatnot. However, the use of cookies have evolved over the years where back in the day, it was simply used to remember who you were, but now cookies are being used to track you across multiple websites as you use the internet.

Prominent Tech Investor Believes Our Smart Speakers Are Spying On Us

Smart speakers seem like the perfect gadget for the modern era, where we can use our voice to control all manner of devices like our door locks, lights, TV, and it can also help us search for things, make appointments, order food, and so on. However, it is possible that with these speakers always listening for a command word, are we perhaps giving away too much of ourselves?

Apple Announces Plans To Improve On Siri’s Privacy Protection

For a company that prides itself in protecting its users’ privacy, we imagine that Apple must have been mortified when a report surfaced that revealed that Apple had sent Siri recordings to outside contractors for analyzing. Following the report, Apple suspended the program and last we heard, they terminated the contractors that worked for them.

Drug Mule Busted At Airport After Authorities Go Through His Search History

Our searches can tell a lot about us and our current state of mind, and it is because of this that a drug mule entering into Australia was caught. 36-year-old Sam Kul was entering Australia after spending four months in Europe, where upon entry into the country, airport customs officers searched through his phone where they found his search history that led them to believe he was hiding something.

Apple Reportedly Terminates Contractors Who Were Hired To Analyze Siri Recordings

In July, a report from the Guardian revealed that Apple was sending Siri recordings to outside contractors. The company initially defending their decision, claiming that the analysis of the recordings were done to improve Siri, which we get, but the fact that they did not tell anyone kind of made it feel a bit shady.

An Old Instagram Hoax Is Back And Is Making Its Rounds Again

There have been many hoaxes over the years, and you would think that after a few times, we would eventually become “immune” or knowledgeable to their existence where we can safely ignore them. However, it seems that an old Instagram hoax is back and is making its rounds, fooling several celebrities and politicians in the process.

Third-Party Contractors Have Been Listening To Your Xbox Recordings

Voice-activated digital assistants sound like the convenience of the future that many of us have grown up seeing in movies, but is it really? Or rather, would you be willing to sacrifice some of your privacy in favor of convenience? Unfortunately, sometimes that choice seems to be made on behalf of the user.