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How To Turn Notifications On Or Off In Chrome
Sometimes when you go to a website you might get prompted whether or not you want to turn on notifications. If you’d like to learn how to better manage your Chrome notifications, here’s how.

Over 500 Million Facebook Users’ Personal Data Have Leaked Online
Facebook already has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to protecting the privacy of its users, and the latest reports are certainly not helping. According to security researcher Alon Gal, it appears that the personal data of over 500 million Facebook users have managed to make their way online.

Apple Is Now Rejecting Apps That Use Third-Party SDKs To Collect User Data Without Consent
It seems that Apple is pretty serious about maintaining and protecting the privacy of its users. Not too long ago, Apple introduced a new requirement that asked that developers list out what kind of data their apps collect on users, thus giving users more transparency and to help them make more informed decisions.

Study Finds Android Shares More Data With Google Than iOS Does With Apple
There is a popular saying which says that if you aren’t paying for the product, then there is a good chance you are the product. This is kind of true with companies like Google or Facebook where their services are mostly free, but in exchange your data is collected and sold to advertisers who create personalized and targeted ads.


Firefox Update Introduces ‘SmartBlock’ That Fixes Websites Broken By Privacy Protections
If you have used ad blockers and tracking blockers, you might have encountered instances where a website seems to load incorrectly or not at all. This is because the blockers you have in place might have some compatibility issues with certain web elements, or certain elements are blocked as they might be thought of as being an ad or tracker.

China Bans Government Employees From Driving Teslas Over Spying Concerns
Tesla’s electric cars are pretty popular around the world and many are trying to get their hands on them. This is due to how futuristic Tesla’s cars are, where they come with a host of sensors and cameras that can even help the car drive by itself. However, it seems that it is exactly these sensors that has China’s government worried.

Xcode Malware Is Targeting Apple Developers
Malware can target all sorts of users, from those who might be naive enough to click on suspicious email attachments, to those who think they’re downloading a pirated movie when they might be downloading malware instead, and so on, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that there might malware out there that targets developers.

Apple Warns Developers Against Circumventing App Privacy Labels
As some of you might be aware, a new rule for iOS apps is that they must list all the privacy-related activities their app does, like whether it requires access to your phone’s camera, microphone, whether it tracks you, what kind of data it gathers from you, and so on. The idea is that this will help users make more informed decisions on what apps they want to use.

Tinder Will Soon Let You Run A Background Check On Your Date
The problem with online dating is that a lot of the time, you don’t know if the person you’re speaking to is who they say they are. This is because it is incredibly easy to use a photo belonging to someone else or put things in your profile that simply aren’t true, which is why it’s always a good idea to be wary.

Chinese Developers Might Have Found A Way Around Apple’s Privacy Rules
One of the rules that Apple is implementing with its App Store is the requirement for developers to use privacy labels. These labels basically state what kind of information that the app collects on you, whether it requires access to your microphone and camera, and so on. Obviously these need to be authentic and honest when developers submit them.

Google Is On The Hook For Lawsuit Over Chrome’s Incognito Tracking
Google’s Chrome Incognito mode has been largely assumed by many to mean that while using the feature, you shouldn’t be able to be tracked, right? Unfortunately, it seems that the feature wasn’t as private as one would have liked which led to a class action lawsuit being filed against the company.

iOS Call Recording App Has A Bug That Lets Others Hear Your Calls
There is an app on iOS called Call Recorder. It is as its name suggests, where this is a third-party call recording app. However, it seems that a recently discovered bug has resulted in the app being a bit of a privacy leak because due to the bug, it could actually allow others to listen in on your calls.

Apple’s AirTags Will Have An Anti-Stalker Feature
Apple is rumored to be launching their new AirTags accessory possibly this month. For those who are hearing about this for the first time, the AirTags are a tracking accessory similar to Tile, but instead of regular Bluetooth, it will reportedly use UWB that is meant to be more accurate when it comes to pinpointing the location.

Facebook Launches New Ads To Convince You That Tracking Is A Good Thing
It’s no surprise that Facebook isn’t thrilled with the various privacy changes that Apple has implemented and plans to implement. So much so that the company has since published a video ad in which they seem to want to try and convince the public that tracking users and their activity for personalized ads is actually a good thing.

Mozilla’s Firefox 86 Brings ‘Total Cookie Protection’ To The Browser
Cookies have been used in websites for a very long time now. The initial idea was that cookies helped websites memorize certain things about the user so that when they load the website, they won’t have to start from scratch again. This was meant to be a useful feature, but in recent years, we’ve seen how cookies have been used to track user activity across multiple websites, not just the […]

‘Sign In With Apple’ Hit With Antitrust Complaints
One of the features Apple introduced in recent times is called “Sign in with Apple”. Basically this provides users with an alternative to other sign-in options like using Facebook or Google, but now it seems that the company has been hit with antitrust complaints over the feature, according to a report from The Information (paywall).

This Is What Happens If You Don’t Accept WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy
As many of you might have heard by now, WhatsApp still has plans to implement its controversial privacy policy in May. Of course, some of you might be wondering what happens if you refuse to accept the terms of service following the changes, and it seems like nothing good will come of that.

WhatsApp’s Controversial Privacy Policy Will Not Be Going Away
Earlier in January, following the backlash after announcing their privacy policy changes, WhatsApp announced that they would be delaying its implementation. If you were hoping that this would mean that WhatsApp would eventually cave and cancel the changes entirely, you would be disappointed to learn that will not be happening.

Apple’s iPads Are About To Get A Microphone Privacy Feature In iOS 14.5
Last year, it was discovered that with the newer iPad Pro models, Apple introduced a privacy feature for the tablet’s microphone where when the cover of the iPad Pro’s case was closed, it would disconnect the microphone. The idea is that it would prevent any potential issues where the microphone could be hijacked and used to spy on users without their knowledge.

Mark Zuckerberg Told Facebook To ‘Inflict Pain’ On Apple
Apple and Facebook don’t exactly have the best relationship at the moment. Facebook, over the years, has come under fire for its data collection practices. Apple, on the other hand, has been doing everything they can to protect its users’ privacy, which is pretty much at odds with Facebook.