This Funky Piece Of Jewelry Has The Ability To Block Against Facial Recognition

These days as we’re starting to see more facial recognition technology being employed, we’re sure that many are starting to feel a bit uncomfortable at the idea that they could be walking down the streets and be recognized by a security camera system. However, designer Ewa Nowak thinks she might have found a potential solution to that problem: jewelry.

Oakland Is Now The Third US City To Ban The Use Of Facial Recognition Technology

In some parts of the world, facial recognition technology has been employed for use in public spaces. This has resulted in people feeling uncomfortable as they go about their daily lives. After all, we all want to be afforded some measure of privacy, right? For those who do love their privacy, perhaps Oakland, California could be considered if you want to move cities.

FaceApp Could Be Keeping The Rights To Your Photos

A couple of years ago, an app called FaceApp gained popularity thanks to its realistic filters. The app has resurfaced again and if you’re seeing photos of people looking artificially aged on social media, you have the app to thank for it. It seems like a fun app to play around with, but before you get too excited, here’s something to think about.

Google Removes A Bunch Of Apps That Could Be Used For Stalking

In this day and age, being able to look up someone’s information online is pretty easy, especially when in the age of social media, everyone seems to be more than willing to share their personal lives with complete strangers on the internet. This in turn has created a problem in which stalking someone from the comfort of your own home has become a thing.


Senators Ask The FTC To Investigate How Social Networks Curate Their Content

How do websites like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter determine topics that are supposedly relevant to you? Presumably, this is based on how you use their websites, where based on your searches, history, browsing habits, and so on, it will surface information that it thinks is most suitable for you.

Germany Bans Schools From Using Microsoft Office 365

When it comes to productivity software, there aren’t that many around, with most people turning to Microsoft Office as their software of choice. However, it seems that over in Germany, schools will no longer be allowed to use Microsoft Office 365, the cloud version of Microsoft’s Office software.

Your ‘Privately’ Shared Google Photos Links Are Actually Not So Private

Google Photos is great because as a cloud-based photo storage system, it allows users to upload photos that can be accessed anywhere. Users can also create photo albums and share those privately with friends or family members, or at least that’s what many have been led to believe.

Facebook Hit With $5 Billion Fine Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Last year, Facebook was hit with its biggest scandal of all time when it was revealed that an organization called Cambridge Analytica misused data that Facebook had granted them access to. This resulted in a huge breach of privacy for many of Facebook’s users, which ultimately led to calls to break up the company.

Apple Watch’s Walkie Talkie Feature Disabled Due To Eavesdropping Flaw

One of the new features introduced in last year’s watchOS update came in the form of Walkie Talkie. As its name suggests, it allowed users to push-to-talk to talk to each other using their Apple Watch, kind of like how it was back in the day with those Dick Tracy comics and movies. However, it seems that the feature has since been disabled.

Google Contractors Are Listening To Your Google Assistant Recordings

While Google asserts that they do not listen to users through their Google Assistant-enabled devices, it turns out that the company has kept recordings of your conversations with Google Assistant, and that apparently there are contractors hired by Google who are actually listening to them.

Apple Quietly Pushes Out Update That Removes Zoom’s Software From Macs

As some of you might have heard, a recent flaw was discovered in the video conferencing software Zoom for Mac computers, in which if exploited, would have forced users into video conferences and enable their webcams. This was due to a method employed by Zoom in which a local server was installed on the host’s computer.

Amazon Admits They Store Transcriptions Of Your Conversations With Alexa

Companies like Amazon and Google who have created smart devices like Alexa and Google Assistant speakers have long asserted that they do not listen in on your conversations, but what about keeping a record of them? While we can’t speak for Google, it seems that as far as Amazon is concerned, it turns out the company does.

China’s Border Guards Are Reportedly Installing Surveillance Apps On Phones Of Tourists

As you might have heard, applicants for US visas are now required to provide their social media information during the application process. Presumably, this is used as a means of a background check of sorts, to see what kind of people are applying for visas and if there might be anything in their social media to indicate that they could be a threat to national security.

OpenID Foundation Thinks ‘Sign In With Apple’ Could Have Security Risks

These days when you sign into online services, you have the option of choosing to sign in with platforms like Facebook, Google, and so on. However, at WWDC 2019, Apple announced that they will be introducing a new feature called “Sign in with Apple”. This is similar to options provided by Facebook and Google, but the main difference being that Apple has boasted that its service will offer up better […]