Facebook Patches iOS Bug That Activated Camera Without User Knowledge

Earlier this week it was revealed that Facebook for iOS had a bug in which for some reason, activated the user’s camera behind the scenes without their knowledge. Given the various conspiracy theories about Facebook spying on users and listening to them through their microphones, it certainly did not do the company any favors.

US Federal Court Rules That Suspicionless Phone Searches At The Border Is Illegal

As some of you might have heard, it seems that people wanting to get a visa to the US will need to hand over social media information. In some cases, some visitors to the US have even had their phones and electronic devices searched at the border, which some believe is a violation of a person’s privacy.

Facebook For iOS Secretly Uses The iPhone’s Camera While You’re Using The App

There has been a longstanding conspiracy theory that suggests that Facebook is somehow listening and spying on its users through the microphone and/or camera of the smartphone that it is installed on. After all, how would one otherwise explain how uncannily accurate the ads are, especially since we just talked about it with our friends, right?

macOS Flaw Reveals Portions Of Encrypted Emails

The whole point of encryption is to ensure privacy, where even if messages or emails are intercepted halfway, as long as the attacker does not have the decryption key, they still will not be able to read it. However, an armor is only as strong as its weakest link, and it has been recently found out that macOS has a flaw which reveals portions of emails that are supposed to […]


Saudi Government Reportedly Recruits Twitter Employees To Spy On Its Critics

Social media platforms like Twitter are rife with all kinds of user information, some of which is shared publicly, and some of which is private. If private, then accessing it would be pretty hard unless you’re a Twitter employee, which is what the Saudi Arabia government was counting on when they recruited a couple of Twitter employees to spy on their critics.

How To Find Recent Google Searches You Made?

Google collects every data for your activity while using its services. You can easily access the data collected (download it) and delete it if necessary.The same ability lets you find the recent Google searches that you have made.

iOS 13.2 Update Released With New Siri Privacy Options

When iOS 13 was initially released, it seems that not many users were too happy with it due to the numerous bugs that were present. To Apple’s credit, the company did try to rush out new patches as quickly as possible, and if there are still bugs that have yet to be addressed in the previous update, you might want to take note of the latest release.

Facebook AI Can Now ‘Hide’ You From Facial Recognition Systems

Facebook has come under fire in recent times over various privacy-related scandals, leading to some to call upon other users to delete their Facebook accounts. However, in a pretty strange twist, it seems that researchers at Facebook have managed to develop an AI system that is capable of “hiding” people from facial recognition systems.

Google Accused Of Creating Internal Tool To Spy On Employees

In the past year or so, we’ve been hearing more stories about how employees at Google have been staging protests with regards to some of the choices the company has made. For example, when it was reported that Google was looking to create a censored version of its search for China, the company’s employees protested against it.

Robots In Japanese Hotel Chain Found To Be Vulnerable To Hacking, Could Spy On Guests

Japan is a country that loves its robots where we’ve seen various industries take advantage of it, where it can be used as a greeter in stores or as a way to help passengers find their way around the airport. We’ve also seen how some hotel chains in the country are using robots to help guests check in.

Firefox 70.0 Released With Important Security Features

Mozilla Firefox is a pretty popular browser used by privacy-concerned netizens. In its previous major release, it introduced the tracking protection feature enabled by default.And, with 70.0 release today, it has also added the social tracking protection feature to be enabled by default. Technically, it blocks the cross-site tracking cookies from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.This was already present in the previous version of Firefox – however, it is now a […]

Apple Responds To Reports About Sending Safari Data To China

According to a recent report, Apple has come under fire after it was discovered that the company could be sending the browsing data of users to Tencent, a company based in China. This is controversial as China is known to have pretty heavy censorship policies and monitoring of its citizens, and there are many who aren’t happy that Apple seems to be bending over backwards to keep China happy so […]

Apple Reportedly Sending User Browsing Data To Chinese Company Tencent

You might be already knowing about Apple’s troubled operation in China and the plan to move some production outside China.Amidst all that, after the iOS 13 release, it looks like Apple is in trouble yet again.And, this time, it may not be just limited to China.In the new iOS 13 update, the Safari browser privacy policy mentions that the browsing data will be shared with Google Safe Browsing and Tencent.Note: […]

Your Amazon Cloud Cam Footage Might Not Be As Private As You Thought

In the recent months, several startling privacy revelations were made, where it was found that various companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft were using third-party human contractors to review audio recordings made on devices. There have also been instances where some of these recordings were made unintentionally, making it an even worse privacy violation.