MMOs have always been around, although lately it seems that there have been more popping up than usual. Interestingly according to Team Fortress 2’s lead designer, Robin Walker, it has been revealed that Valve at one point in time was worried that they did not have an MMO of its own to compete with the rest. This was revealed in an interview with Gamasutra, where Walker also revealed that instead of developing and launching an MMO of their own, they took some MMO elements and introduced it to Team Fortress 2, along with the free-to-play model and micro-transactions, such as the ability for players to buy hats for their characters.


“MMOs were the dominant story in the industry, and one concern we had was that we might not be able to survive if we didn’t build one […] We were starting to feel the same way about micro-transactions as we did initially about MMOs: that our company was at risk if we didn’t have internal experience and hard data on them.”

What do you guys think? Would you like to have seen Valve come up with an MMO of their own?

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