The Verge had gotten an exclusive look at what was deemed to be the Windows 8 companion app for the upcoming Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. After all, it is well documented that Microsoft was working to retire its fair share of Zune desktop app features in recent memory, paving the way to move forward as the industry switches over to Xbox Music. Not only that,Microsoft has also worked hard to introduce new apps which have been tasked to manage and synchronize Windows Phone 8 devices, and there are those who are close to Microsoft’s WIndows Phone plans laying claim to what you see above – a Windows 8 companion app for Windows Phone 8 devices.

Sporting a Metro style one, the above companion app was specially churned out to replace the Zune client for Windows 8 users, where there is also the high possibility of the app being installed automatically for Windows Phone 8 users who are running on a Windows 8 PC whenever one connects a device. Expect this particular Windows 8 companion app to arrive in the Windows Store at around the same time as Windows Phone 8 launches, which would be sometime later in October.

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