Remember awhile back the UK courts ruled in Samsung’s favor? The courts then ordered Apple to place ads in the media that basically stated that Samsung did not copy the iPad’s design. Naturally this did not sit well with Apple and the Cupertino company appealed the court’s decision. Apple’s attorney argued that by doing so, it would basically be giving Samsung free advertisement. While we don’t necessarily believe that either company is right or wrong, that argument does make some sense. In any case it seems that the UK courts have decided to stick to their initial ruling, which means that the ads and notices that Apple had to run are still in effect.

For those who might have forgotten about the details, Apple was ordered to place a notice on its UK website  , as well as publish ads in British newspapers and magazines that Samsung did not copy the design of the iPad. The notice on their website is expected to run for a good six months, while the ads taken out in various print media was done as a consolation for any “damaging impression” that occurred as a result of the lawsuit.

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