Earlier in the morning, there was an analysis that BlackBerry 10 will miss its January 2013 release date, settling instead for a launch that will happen sometime in March 2013, which is just a couple of months after that (although as we mentioned, the two months could be crucial when it comes to the fast paced world of consumer electronics, especially smartphones and their operating systems). Jefferies’ Peter Misek is not exactly the role model when it comes to having the ideal track record for positive analysis on RIM.

Other mass media has also taken his proverbial bait, so to speak, making it sound as though it is clear and true that BlackBerry 10 is delayed, instead of being just speculation, resulting in RIM’s already beleaguered and battered stock to take a hit. RIM has so far formally acknowledged that BlackBerry 10’s release will happen in Q1 2013, so having it roll out in March which still falls under the Q1 window is technically not a delay, but rather, falls in line with RIM’s expectations. Words are surely important, as well as the way things are presented, don’t you think so?

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