The folks at the Wall Street Journal claimed yesterday that the iPad mini was in mass production. Assuming their report was accurate and the rumors of the 10th of October announcement is true, we guess it would make perfect sense. However the folks at Digitimes are claiming that the iPad mini could be facing shipment problems due to the low yield rates from Apple’s chassis makers. Apparently this is due to the anodized aluminum used (similar to the iPhone 5) and interestingly their report states that the iPad mini will come in a native finish, or a black one.

The black one is said to be the problem child, claiming that the “anodized finish process on the black cases is more critical, which often results in lower yield rates.” This is interesting in a few different ways because the iPad has typically been offered in two different colors – black or white, although those color options affect the front of the device and not its back. Assuming this report is to be believed, we could be seeing the iPad mini offered in a different look compared to its larger iPad sibling. Either way since nothing official has been announced, we suggest taking this information with a grain of salt for the time being.

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