We all know for sure that Microsoft will be rolling out their very own Surface tablet device in due time (at the end of this month, actually) which will run on the Windows RT operating system. Well, before any piece of consumer electronics are released in the US, they will first need to receive relevant approval from the FCC – and it seems that this is just what happened with the Microsoft Surface tablet via a post on the FCC website that depicted uploaded documents which parade a “tablet PC” of sorts that was running on Windows RT. Of course, this is by no means confirmation that it is the Microsoft Surface tablet itself, considering how the tablet is known as “Model 1516” in its FCC filing, and the world is not aware of any other Windows RT tablets coming to the market other than the Surface.

“Model 1516” will also come with Bluetooth and 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity, in addition to a stand and a keyboard peripheral which will be membrane-based. All in all, patience is the operative keyword here as it is just three weeks or so before the Microsoft Surface launches, and we do look forward to the end of October with anticipation.

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