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Microsoft Might Be Developing Windows 10 For ARM-Based Processors
This might be hard to believe for you if you’re aware of what has transpired over the past couple of years with regards to a desktop version of Windows for ARM-based processors, but apparently it looks like Microsoft may go down that same road again. Support documentation on Microsoft’s own website has sparked speculation that perhaps the company might be developing a desktop version of Windows 10 for ARM-based chips.

Windows 8.1 RT Update 3 Won't Support Windows 10 Universal Apps
Microsoft confirmed a few months back that it will release one final update for Windows RT even though it has pretty much killed the operating system. Just yesterday the company updated its Windows 10 FAQ to point out that Windows 8.1 RT Update 3 is going to bring a new Start menu and lock screen for Windows RT devices. More information about this update is available today, it turns out that […]

New Windows RT Update Will Bring Refreshed Lock Screen And Start Menu
Microsoft did say a while back that it will release a minor software update for Windows 8.1 RT even though it has hammered the final nail in Windows RT’s coffin. The company didn’t provide much information about what this update will bring initially but now it has updated the Windows 10 FAQ to provide some information regarding Windows 8.1 RT Update 3. The software update is going to bring a refreshed […]

Windows 8.1 RT Update 3 Coming To Surface RT Tablets This September
Back in January when Microsoft revealed Windows 10 the company said that devices powered by Windows RT, even its own Surface RT tablets, won’t receive an update to Windows 10. However the company did say that these devices will receive a new software update later this year that is going to have “some of the functionality of Windows 10.” It has now been revealed that this update is going to be released […]


Windows RT Update Coming Close To Windows 10 Release
Earlier this year in January Microsoft confirmed that existing Windows RT devices like the Surface 2 and the Surface RT will not be updated to Windows 10, instead the company promised that it would release a software update for these devices which will bring some of the features found on Windows 10. Since then Microsoft has not said much about this status of this update, it breaks its silence today by […]

Microsoft Drops Support For Windows RT
Microsoft made several important Windows-related announcements at the WinHEC conference in Shenzhen, China. During the event it presented a concrete roadmap of how different versions of Windows will be upgraded to Windows 10. A slide from the company clearly shows that Microsoft has defined no upgrade path for Windows RT even though it said back in January that Windows RT would receive an update, though it wouldn’t be full Windows […]

Microsoft Reiterates Commitment To Windows RT
You might have read several posts online claiming that Windows RT is now dead given that the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet is no longer being produced. Surface 2 met the same fate and there are no ARM devices with displays over 8-inches that will receive a full-fledged Windows 10 upgrade. Microsoft itself hasn’t said that Windows RT will bite the dust. The company has reiterated its commitment to Windows RT and […]

Microsoft No Longer Manufacturing Nokia Lumia 2520
A report from last week revealed that Microsoft had ceased the production of the Surface 2 tablet, which left many wondering could that be it for the Windows RT platform? Could Microsoft be simply preparing a newer and better Windows RT hardware? Unfortunately that does not appear to be the case as Microsoft has killed of the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet as well.The Lumia 2520 was the first tablet from […]

Microsoft Working On An Update For Windows RT
 Microsoft pretty much dominated the news cycle yesterday as it showed off Windows 10. The upcoming iteration of its operating system brings countless new features, some of which we had already heard about, while the company also unveiled some new hardware like HoloLens. During the main presentation it didn’t touch upon Windows RT but during a question and answer sessions with reports the company confirmed that it is working on a […]

Microsoft Working On Fix For Windows 8.1 Update Issues
There have been countless reports of people being unable to update to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8.0 and Windows RT. Apparently there’s a glitch that prevents them from updating to the latest software. Microsoft has finally taken note of the problem and is working on a fix. In select markets it is currently testing a new automatic update which takes care of this issue and allows users stuck on Windows 8.0 and […]

Windows Phone License Fees Stands At $25, Windows RT $90, Says Source
We have received word over from MyNokiaBlog that they have reports from “a source familiar with Microsoft’s licensing scheme” concerning the Windows Phone’s license fee which stands at $25 per handset, while those who have picked up Windows RT will have to fork out $90 a pop for the license fee itself. This might not sound like much in the long run, but it still adds up eventually to your […]

Microsoft Reportedly Considering Waiving Windows Phone And Windows RT Licensing Fees
Microsoft has obviously been putting in a lot of time and resources into its mobile operating systems, Windows RT and particularly Windows Phone. It is up against behemoths like Android and iOS which already rule the globe mobile device market. Microsoft has seen its market share increase this year, and its acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services division is likely to aid the increase as well in the coming year. As […]

Windows RT 8.1 Drops Desktop Tile On Start Screen
Ah, Windows RT. I guess the whole idea of rolling out this particular version of Windows does not seem to look so smart any more, considering the number of Surface RT tablets that were left behind in the inventory (which is now simply known as the Surface tablet) because not too many people wanted to pick it up. Well, Microsoft has rolled out the Windows RT 8.1 update recently, only […]

Microsoft Re-Releases Windows RT 8.1 Onto Windows Store
We reported yesterday Microsoft pulled the Windows RT 8.1 update for all devices running on Windows RT 8 due to reports of the update bricking Surface RT tablets. As a result of this issue, Microsoft had to investigate what exactly the problem was, and it looks like they have found a solution to the issue as Windows RT 8.1 is available again on the Windows Store.

Windows RT 8.1 Update Pulled From Windows Store
Earlier this week Microsoft finally started rolling out Windows 8.1, its much awaited update. Despite various builds being leaked over the last few months, there was quite a lot of anticipation and hype surrounding Microsoft’s latest Windows software update. Merely two days after making the update available, Microsoft has pulled the Windows RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store. The company says that the removal has taken place due to a […]

Windows Phone 8.1 Rumored To Drop Support For Hardware Back Button
The back button in Windows Phone devices is there to allow users who want to go back to other applications with ease, though if a new rumor is true, future devices might do away with this button altogether. Paul Thurrott, a man believed to have insights into Microsoft’s work, has heard from a single source that the support for a hardware back button will be eliminated in WIndows Phone 8.1. […]

Windows Phone And Windows RT To Merge Over Two Years [Rumor]
Rumor has it that Microsoft might be planning to merge Windows Phone and Windows RT over the next two years. Such a titanic feat can not be done overnight, that’s for sure. Apparently Microsoft will slowly merge both Windows Phone and Windows RT by releasing three regular GDR or General Distribution Release updates per year, for the next two years. The execution of this move will reportedly be seen by Terry Myerson, […]

Nokia 'Sirius' Tablet Might Be Called Lumia 2520
There has just been endless speculation about Nokia’s upcoming tablet. It is widely known as “Sirius,” which is believed to be its internal codename. The tablet reportedly runs on Windows RT and as per a recent rumor, it might be unveiled alongside the Lumia 1520. Nokia has scheduled an event on October 22nd, where it is said to unveil its new Windows Phone 8 phablet, the much rumored Nokia Lumia […]

Nokia 'Sirius' Tablet Launch Rumored Alongside Lumia 1520
A few days ago Nokia revealed that it is going to conduct an event on October 22nd. Up till now it has been believed that the company will unveil its first Windows Phone 8 phablet at the event, now it appears that perhaps there might be more in store. The infamous @evleaks tells us to look out for the “Nokia Sirius” next month, alongside “Bandit,” which is known as the codename […]

Nokia 'Sirius' Windows RT Tablet Purported Render And Specs Leaked
Time and again Nokia has been rumored to be working on a tablet. The company hasn’t detailed its tablet plans as yet, but it is believed that it might release a tablet later this year, which will possibly run Windows RT. Apparently the tablet is known by the “Sirius” codename inside the company. Nothing is official as yet, but a render and alleged specifications of Nokia’s tablet have leaked online.The “Sirius” […]