You know that at first glance, the extremely slim Razer Blade gaming laptop is one device not to be trifled with. After all, it comes with a 17.3” display and is powered by the latest Intel Core i7 processor alongside an NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor to get your gaming kicks in, and yet the entire shebang measures a mere 0.88” thin while tipping the scales at 6.46 pounds. Well, how do you make something that is already special to be even more special? Enter the Star Wars Razer Blade gaming laptop which is literally a one-of-a-kind laptop, and the Force in your bank account should be strong if you want this considering how it costs a whopping $15,000.

It cannot be bought anywhere though, as only one winner from a sweepstakes will be able to pick up this custom-designed Star Wars: The Old Republic Razer Blade gaming laptop – in this galaxy and the next, of course. Of course, the Star Wars Razer Blade gaming laptop does come with its multi-award-winning Switchblade UI that boasts of a unique integrated LCD display/multi-touch panel as well as 10 dynamic adaptive tactile keys that ensures you are always in control of the game. The thing is, if you lose in a deathmatch while using the Star Wars Razer Blade gaming laptop, don’t blame the hardware, it most probably boils down to your lack of skill. [Press Release]

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