We’re sure that many of you guys have seen photos of damaged iPhones as a result of having dropped it in the toilet or on the floor, leading us to believe that those are the most common places in which iPhones (and phones in general) are damaged. However according to device warranty provide Squaretrade, 21% of people surveyed reveal that they accidentally damaged their phones in the kitchen, with the living room taking second place at 18%, followed by the bathroom at 16%. The survey, which was outsourced to Survey Sampling International who posed 35 questions to 2,004 iPhone owners, reveal that 51% of iPhone accidents happen inside the house, as opposed to the outdoors although not by a huge margin.

As expected, the survey has also revealed that water is the most common liquid in which the iPhone gets damaged by at 43%, with soda coming in at 19%, beer at 12% and coffee/tea also at 12%. Interestingly it seems that 5% of iPhone owners surveyed have admitted that they left their iPhones in the washing machines, while 6% have placed their iPhones on top of their cars and have driven off. Yikes! What about you guys? What creative methods have you employed that have resulted in you accidentally damaging your iPhone (or smartphone)?

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