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Gamers Are Still Spending Record Amounts Despite Poor Economy
The world’s economy isn’t doing too hot at the moment. There are many reasons for this, although the coronavirus pandemic has certainly not helped as many businesses are forced to close either temporarily or permanently, thus putting a lot of people out of work. People are also unwilling to spend on luxuries anymore, or are they?

Gamers Have Spent More In 2020 Than They Have In The Past Decade
A lot of people play games, but sometimes having to balance time for work and study and gaming, it means that some people end up playing less than they do. However, with the coronavirus pandemic and with people being in lockdown, it appears that more people are playing games than ever.

Survey Finds That Netflix Customers Won’t Be Jumping Ship Anytime Soon
When Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus were announced with prices cheaper than what Netflix has been charging its customers, it was starting to feel like Netflix could be in trouble. However, it turns out that maybe Netflix might not have to be as concerned as they should, at least that’s what survey seems to suggest.

Survey Find That We Are Upgrading Our Smartphones Slower Than Ever
Back in the day, we upgraded our phones pretty much every two years. However, smartphone technology seems to be peaking where the performance jump from each version is getting smaller, not to mention the prices of our phones are also getting out of hand, where phones are now priced $1,000 and above.


Survey Finds Purchase Intent For iPhones Are At A 5-Year Low
Apple’s iPhones have long been a highly sought after and desirable product, and to a certain extent they still are. However it seems that as far as purchase intent is concerned, those figures have slumped considerably. This is according to a survey conducted by UBS which found that purchase intent for iPhones are at a 5-year low.

Survey Finds More People Are Taking Breaks From Facebook
Following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, a movement was launched to #DeleteFacebook. However despite the damning implications of the privacy scandal, data seemed to show that it did not exactly impact Facebook’s usage stats that much. This does not mean that users think what happened in okay, but it simply could be how much Facebook is ingrained in our lives today that we have no choice but to keep using […]

Survey: 48% Of iPhone Owners Intend To Upgrade
Last year we got quite a bit of conflicting reports over how well the iPhone X has sold. Apple reassured investors that things were going well, but there were also reports that claimed that customers weren’t quite as excited as Apple would have liked. However this year might paint a very different picture.

Survey Finds Out Why People Switch Between Mobile Operating Systems
Usually when someone picks a mobile operating system, they tend to stick with it. This is because switching platforms usually means having to get used to a whole different system, giving up certain platform-exclusive features, and also having to purchase a bunch of apps all over again. This can get expensive if you’ve been using that platform for a long time.

Survey Finds iPhone X Customers Are Satisfied Except With Siri
Siri was probably one of the first digital assistants to be launched on modern smartphones, but unfortunately as much as it was heralded at its unveiling, reality proved to be a much different story. Granted Apple has made improvements to Siri over time, but comparisons in the past have shown that the competition seems to be performing better.

Survey Finds That Gamers Don’t Really Care About Cross-Platform Play
Cross-platform play is a feature that seems like a great idea on paper. Imagine a game that can be enjoyed with other gamers regardless of what platform you are running on, doesn’t that sound like fun? This is something that a few developers have been working towards, such as Psyonix’s Rocket League, but it seems that maybe it just sounds better on paper.

Survey Finds iPhones Are More Popular With Teens Than Ever
Knowing your demographic is a good way to create products that will appeal to that demographic, and it seems that if Apple wants to keep growing its iPhones, perhaps they should look more into pushing their phones into the hands of teens. This is based on a new survey by investment firm Piper Jaffray.

Survey Finds Why Customers Did Not Upgrade To The iPhone X
There have been some conflicting reports on the success of the iPhone X, where there are some who claim that the phone isn’t doing so hot to the point where some of Apple’s suppliers are reportedly slashing production of components. We suppose there are many reasons why the iPhone X wasn’t the massive success that some might have thought, and Piper Jaffray has found out why.

Study: One In Six Americans Own A Smart Speaker
Smart speakers are clearly the current trend in tech at the moment, and CES 2018 which was last week proved just that as we saw many audio companies release products with digital assistants built into them. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that according to a study by NPR and Edison Research (via Engadget), one in six Americans own such a device.

Survey Finds That Teens Prefer iPhones, Adults Prefer Samsung
A couple of weeks ago, Samsung released an ad called “Growing Up” which was clearly aimed at Apple and their iPhones. We’re not sure if it was a coincidence or if Samsung was slightly prophetic because according to a recent survey conducted by Propeller Insights on behalf of Ebates (via Forbes), Samsung was right: adults want Samsung products.