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Swissvoice ePure iPhone 5 dock looks retro and modern at the same time

Thanks to Apple introducing the Lightning connector with their latest batch of iOS devices, there are plenty of docks for the iPhone that may not be compatible. Well if you’re in the market for a new dock for your iPhone, Swissvoice might have something for you in the ePure, which as pictured above, is a dock for the iPhone that has been shaped to look like a telephone from the past, albeit with a more modern twist which we have to admit looks pretty good.

The ePure comes in two variations – one that will be compatible with the iPhone 5, and a USB one although the former will cost you $150, while the latter is cheaper at $140. It basically lets the user charge their iPhone while allowing them to use the handset (pairs with your iPhone via Bluetooth) as, well, like you would a normal telephone which could prove to be more comfortable for long conversations. Head on over to Swissvoice’s website for the details.

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