The iRock rocking chair charges your iPad while you sit in it

We’ve seen some pretty interesting accessories for iOS devices before, although this rocking chair accessory is one of the more “out there” ones we’ve seen. Dubbed the iRock, this is a piece of furniture that not only docks your iPad, letting you read or watch videos while you rock away in the chair, but it will apparently help charge your tablet at the same time as well. Now before you think, “What kind of rocking chair plugs into the wall?” it seems that the iRock will charge your iPad through a generator built into one side of the chair.

According to its creator, the iRock is capable of recharging your iPad by 35% in an hour, although given the size of the iPad’s battery, we suspect that it might take longer so we wouldn’t place too much emphasis into the manufacturer’s claims. At the same time the iRock has a pair of speakers built into the headrest, so you can enjoy your music or videos while you sit in comfort. It will not come cheap as it has been priced at €1300 which is roughly $1,670 when converted, but if you’re interested in learning more, head on over to its website for the details.

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