While electric skateboards do exist, they are limited in the sense of how deep you can customize them. Well the good news for skateboarders looking to soup up their skateboards is this Kickstarter project for a device called the LaGrange L1. This is a project started by the RedRock Boardshop and according to its Kickstarter description, the LaGrange L1 will allow skateboarders to motorize just about any deck or wheels that you can think of. This basically results in a skateboard that is pretty much customized to your specifications, and then motorized with the LaGrange L1.

According to the people who came up with this concept, they have already tested the system out with a 200 pound rider and claim that they are able to achieve 10-15 miles of range with speeds of 20+mph. If you think that this is a cool idea, you might be interested to learn that a pledge of $300 will get you the bare essentials, such as the drivetrain, the LaGrange L1 truck, and electronics bracket. The motor and other skate parts and electrical components will need to be sourced by yourself. For those willing to drop $950, you get pretty much everything, and all you’ll need is a deck, front truck, wheels and a backpack to hold the battery. A pretty expensive DIY piece of gear that we’re not sure is for everyone, but if you’re interested pop on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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