Windows 8 starts Microsoft Points replacement with real currencyHere is a quick question before we continue – what do you think of Microsoft’s idea by relying on the concept of Microsoft Points as a mode of payment instead of regular cash? Well, it does seem as though Microsoft has done some thinking through of their Microsoft Points system, and decided that they will make the migration from virtual points system that is then converted to actual currency, to just relying on payments made using real-money transactions via credit cards instead. This cuts away the confusion of performing mental calculations of the “exchange rate” so to speak, and according to The Verge, this change has been introduced alongside the Windows 8 beta program, where it should be implemented on an official bases on the Xbox 360 with a new dashboard update that is due later this month.

As for the Windows 8 operating system, it is due to hit the market sometime later this October 26th, which is not too far away – slightly more than just a couple of weeks. At least you no longer have to remember that $1 of real world money is equal to 80 Microsoft Points.

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