Wonderbra Decoder reveals more than meets the eye

No, supermodels are not the Transformers in any way, although some of them do have more than meets the eye. Here is an interesting way of using QR codes to capture the attention of the masses, although we do admit that it is not too hard to achieve that when you have hot looking faces and bodies looking right back at you. The Wonderbra Decoder is part of Wonderbra’s new marketing campaign, where it will require a QR code reader as well as one to download an app in order to ‘decode’ the underwear secrets of model Adriana Cernanova – basically, you can to see what she is wearing under her normal set of clothes (and don’t worry parents, she did not go commando).

Print adverts of a clothed Adriana have already started to appear, where consumers can scan a QR code on the ad to download the corresponding software, where this app will then be able to scan the clothed image of Adriana in order to reveal her in some tastefully designed underwear. This campaign will run all the way till November, but will it help push the sales of smartphones in the process?

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