mercedes-qrcQR codes are starting to become more noticeable these days and you can easily find a QR code at the back of a magazine, on a business card, on a billboard ad and so on, but it seems that apart from using them as a marketing tool, the folks at Mercedes-Benz is hoping to use QR codes to save lives in the future, especially in an event of a car crash in which rescue workers might have to come and cut the car open to take its victims out and rush them to hospitals. Since time is usually not on their side, being able to know where to cut the car is an important thing, and Mercedes-Benz is hoping its QR codes will be able to help with that.

What these QR codes will do is that it will pull up a digital and up-to-date copy of the car’s schematics which are a more efficient way compared to keeping a physical copy in the car itself. These stickers will show the best places rescue workers can cut, where the airbags are located, fuel tanks, batteries and so on that would make the rescue process a lot easier and safer for everyone involved. The QR codes will be placed on the underside of the fuel tank flag and the other on the B-pillar on the opposite side which Mercedes-Benz believes will remain undamaged in the event of a car crash.

The schematics that rescuers can pull up will date back to 1971 for all of Mercedes-Benz’s models, and best of all it seems that the company has decided to waive patent rights to the idea, allowing other car manufacturers to implement it in their own vehicles as well.

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