Even though Microsoft was able to go back on what the company originally intended for its Xbox One in regards to its used game policy and 24-hour check in, it seems they won’t be budging on insisting Xbox One owners have their Kinect connected while their console is in use.

A Reddit user then thought if Microsoft insists on having the Kinect be a part of the Xbox One console experience, then completely replacing codes that would manually be put in by controller with a scannable QR code would be something that would make the experience that much better. The image you see above is the meme that was generated to convey this message, and it looks like it’s an idea Microsoft was already planning on doing for the Xbox One.

Xbox corporate vice president Marc Whitten took it upon himself to tweet out a message in response to the meme that was circulating yesterday. He simply writes, “To my reddit friends — yup — this works!”

Inputting codes was the bane of every Xbox 360 owner’s existence as it took so long to input all of the characters, so having the Kinect recognize QR codes to input downloadable content is certainly a step in the right direction.

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