qr-codes-seafoodBeing a well informed customer or consumer these days is nothing new, and if you happen to have a special place in your heart for sustainable living through responsible food choices, you would be pleased to hear that some restaurants have already taken up this mantle by being more creative, informing customers of where their food comes from. In fact, an enterprising chef has even decided to label the sushi that he serves at his restaurants with QR codes in order to provide customers all the relevant information concerning the piece of sushi sitting right in front of you.

Robert Ruiz, chef of two-unit Harney Sushi in San Diego and Oceanside, California, said, “It’s proven in the food world in general that when your customers know about the products you’re giving them they will pay more for them and come back more often. The technology and the information’s here, so why don’t we do the right thing and make money while we’re doing it?”

Ruiz has relied on edible ink to get those QR codes printed on the rice wafers that he serves with sushi, so if you happen to drop by his restaurant and are carrying a smartphone, you would be able to check the origins of the fish you’re consuming with but a quick scan. Hey, if QR codes could be used to help save human lives, why not do so for animal lives as well?

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