Patent trolls seem to crawl out of their caves in recent memory, and in a rather surprising move (hey, this is America that we are talking about, where just about anything can happen), Intercarrier Communications of Texas who owns a single patent for something that they did not even invent in the first place, is suing some big name corporations – Apple included. The patent that they own was granted in 2006 for “an inter-carrier messaging service providing phone number only experience,” where it was assigned to ICC just so that a lawsuit can be filed against Apple and other firms allegedly affected – such as Broadsoft, Inerop Technologies, Iris Wireles, and Mobiweb among others.

This suit was filed in the eastern Virginia district court, where Judge John A. Gibney will be presiding the case. Apple will naturally have their team of legal eagles work to make sure that the alleged claim of Apple’s FaceTime is proven in the court of law that it does not infringe on Intercarrier Communications’ patent. Somehow, we have no doubt that the outcome of this case will, in all probability, be favorable towards a certain fruity company so that no precedent is set and other patent trolls start to show themselves.

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