Facebook logoHere is yet another rumor that is making its way around the Internet – that social networking giant Facebook as well as Internet search pioneer Yahoo are looking to link up in a possible partnership. According to the Sunday Telegraph, both of these companies could eventually merge their best traits when it comes to search, and the possibility of that could help win some market share from the almighty Google. So, do you think that there is enough meat in the rumor to confirm that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg did discuss about both of their respective companies working together on a search engine?

Select industry watchers think otherwise, as it is quite likely that Microsoft is not going to allow Yahoo to squirm its way out of its long-term search contract. On the other hand, Mayer and Sandberg were former colleagues at Google, and they would definitely be able to know as well as understand just the kind of leverage that search can deliver in order to super-charge a business. We do hope that more sniffing can be done to unearth additional information concerning the situation.

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