A developer shared that the recently introduced Fusion Drive will have built in support for OS X Mountain Lion, allowing it to be compatible with the hybrid storage device – allowing Macs that did not come configured otherwise to make full use of Fusion Drive to boot. Developer Patrick Stein’s post in Tumblr did reveal an unofficial confirmation that OS X Mountain Lion will offer Fusion Drive support for current Macs.

When the new Fusion Drive hybrid storage solution was announced earlier this month with the beautiful iMac redesign, it was mentioned that OS X Mountain Lion can operate the system sans any update. This led some to ask whether current hybrid drives will play nice with existing Macs which have yet to be configured with Fusion Drive. I guess you can say that this is very possible, which is always a good thing for the end user, don’t you think so? Otherwise, you can always bite the bullet and get sucked into Apple’s reality distortion field only to hand over a nice chunk of your savings to bring home a spanking new iMac. To know more about the Fusion Drive in detail, read our primer.

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