apple-curve-patentWe have seen a fair number of patents from Apple revealed this month alone, where among them include something as fresh as reported earlier this morning – a goggle device. Well, it seems that Apple has a whole lot more goodies up their sleeves, and that would include the possibility of a curved display device after securing a patent that is relevant to the idea. According to folks over at the USPTO, Apple was recently awarded a patent which describes a method of creating curved touchscreens.

It might not sound like much at first glance, but considering how its bitter rival Samsung as well as LG have already introduced devices with curved displays of their own this year, who knows, Apple might just want to take a stab at this particular market as well. Could Apple actually make something with a curved display that will be so sexy, everyone else follows, instead of harkening to what Samsung and LG have done in this market segment? Only time will tell. Of course, there is also the other reason that Apple has applied for this patent – they might not necessarily jump into this market, but could be covering all the potential bases in the future. After all, who would have thought that Apple would succeed with the tablet where Microsoft failed?

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