Much has already been written about the patent trials that Apple and Samsung are involved in. Both companies have feverishly pursued litigation against each other in various countries around the world, burning millions of dollars in legal fees in the process. Recently, Apple scored another win against Samsung when a jury ruled that the Korean company owes an additional $290 million to Apple for infringing on its patents, bringing the total outstanding damages up to $929 million. Apple has now filed a motion seeking a ruling from the court that compels Samsung to pay a portion of its legal fees that it has paid during the patent trial.

In the motion filed with the United States District Court Northern District of California, Apple says that it has paid over $60 million in legal fees in the patent trial against Samsung. Therefore, it wants Samsung to reimburse $15.7 million, a portion of that $60 million it has already spent. Add this figure to the already $929 million outstanding the Korean company has to pay, and against that figure, $15.7 million seems like peanuts. Its certainly not unusual to see a victorious party filing a motion for reimbursement of legal fees, there’s ample precedent out there for Apple to support its motion with. However, its up to the court to decide if Samsung should pay up or not.

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