apple-deskfree-patentPatents are the modern day corporate bullets, where the more you hold, the higher the chance you have of “shooting” someone with it down the road. Of course, not all patents would eventually end up being the real deal, as many of them have remained to be theories, and just that, but who knows just what might be the next best thing, and what will be a plain concept? The folks over at Apple have filed for another patent (and awarded) which involves a rather crazy idea of a ‘desk-free’ computer that sports an intelligent, laser-powered projector as well as wireless charging capability.

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office after awarding the patent to Apple, this particular device can be summarized to be a totally wireless portable computer which relies on a projection system instead of the standard LCD display as the main vehicle of visual output. Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 8,610,726 for “Computer systems and methods with projected display” would see the lack of standard issue laptop features, as the box itself is featureless, other than the LED or laser light projection system and speakers. Implementing inductive charging capability would also do away with power cords that end up as a mess later on. How would you like your computer of the future to look like?

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