The HTC DLX, a smartphone that many have associated to be the US variant of the HTC J Butterfly, is touted to be the first smartphone on the Android platform (or any other mobile operating systems, for that matter) that delivers a Full HD resolution display. Having said that, it is nice to know that the HTC DLX does seem to be on its way to Verizon Wireless, as the FCC has just confirmed such suspicions through the HTC DLX’s filing at their doors. Sporting the HTC6435LVW name alongside approval for it to play nice with Verizon’s CDMA and LTE bands, there is also HSPA capability thrown into the mix so that you can roam around the world without missing a beat, now how about that? All we need to do now is sit tight and wait, hoping that Verizon themselves would come up with some sort of official information.

In other news, we have also discovered that the HTC DLX (some say the HTC Droid DNA) will be arriving on Verizon later this December 6th, and if that were to be true, it means we will be able to take advantage of this smartphone’s arrival as a nice Christmas present to ourselves for a job well done this year.

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