It is a well known fact that Apple’s brick and mortar stores have done a whole lot when it comes to selling stuff for Cupertino, and Microsoft, too, has decided to take the plunge into physical stores recently, even working on a blueprint for a possible European release. Well, HTC, the smartphone company from Taiwan, is not doing too great in recent times, and this could be part of the reason why there are whispers going around that HTC themselves intend to emulate Apple in terms of opening up actual retail stores.

In fact, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer recently inaugurated its first store-within-a-store in Hamburg, Germany. Actually, this is a pseudo-HTC Store, as in reality, it is a special HTC area located within a Saturn electronics shop. This store-in-store formula is not a new idea, since it has been given a go before by Samsung in the UK. Lower operating costs for a greater commercial presence to sway the hearts, minds and wallets of consumers? Perhaps it will work, but a whole lot of the war is waged over advertisements, word-of-mouth, and of course, reliable products that deliver as promised.

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