For those who have yet to jump aboard the Mass Effect bandwagon, here is a golden chance for you to spend this Christmas holidays with some Mass Effect overload. The Mass Effect Trilogy will be headed for the PS3 in North America this coming December 4th, while our friends living across the pond will have to wait until December 7th – which is a 72 hour wait. The new release will see all three Mass Effect titles come in a single sleek black N7 box. Of course, you can also pick up the original Mass Effect for the Sony PS3 via direct download over PSN if you want to go the non-physical media way.

The “Bring Down the Sky” mission will be thrown into the mix this time around according to BioWare, regardless of whether you have taken the download route or decided to pick up the Mass Effect Trilogy. The PC version of Mass Effect will also include Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station, while folks who settle for the Xbox 360 version will receive the original version as though it was 2007, minus the DLC and Sky fully intact of course.

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