When EA and BioWare attempted to continue the Mass Effect franchise with new titles after the original trilogy, let’s just say that things did not exactly go as they had hoped. We suppose in a way it’s a good thing as it showed how well developed in terms of gameplay and story the original games were.

That being said, for those who are wondering what the hype is about or for those looking to replay the series, EA and BioWare are currently developing Mass Effect Legendary Edition and they have since released a trailer comparing the graphics of the original trilogy to that of the remastered version.

We got to say that the remastered version looks a lot better and brighter compared to the original. Some might argue that it has lost some of the charm of the original, but we think it looks pretty good. While not necessarily being on the same level as the graphics we might expect from modern games today, it is still a pretty good effort.

According to the developers, “Our goal from the onset was to improve and enhance the visuals while staying true to the original aesthetics of the trilogy that have become so iconic and genre-defining over the past decade. A remaster rather than remake allowed us to build upon the original assets in a way that resembles the polishing phase in a normal development cycle, while also being able to utilize the advantages of much more modern hardware and software.”

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