Don’t you just hate it when at night you want to go to the toilet, or when you accidentally drop your phone and it’s too dark to see anything, especially right after you wake up and you’re all groggy? Granted that’s what bedside lamps are for, but if you’re into sustainability and solar power, then this concept device dubbed the Clip Holding might be a device you wish would be made a reality. Designed by a bunch of folks at the Shannxi University of Science and Technology, the Clip Holding is rather simplistic in nature, although chockfull of functionality.

Basically its design looks like a giant clip, with one side featuring a solar panel array which will be used to store energy for later use. Once the device has been fully charged, all the user would have to do is flip it over to the other side which features an LED plate. To activate the LED plate, all the user would have to do is touch a switch and let there be light! It’s simple, unassuming and with its clip design, we expect that it could have more uses rather than sitting at your bedside – too bad there’s no word on whether it will be made a reality. Any takers?

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